The page shows a list of machines and equipment which belong to Fuji Mfg. Co.
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List of Machines and Equipment

Name Type Qt. Manufacturer
CAD/CAM system Excess-V4 1 Computer Engineering
CAD/CAM system Excess-Plus 1 Computer Engineering
Wire electric spark machine FA-20 1 Mitsubishi Electric
Wire electric spark machine SX-20 1 Mitsubishi Electric
Electric spark machine M35J 1 Mitsubishi Electric
Rapid piercing spark machine JEM-350 1 Nihon Discharge Technique
Machining center MV-40B 1 Mori Seiki
Jig grinder MJG-1A 1 Mitsui Mfg. Co.
Vertical miller YZ-8 1 Yamasaki Giken
Vertical miller KSJ-P 1 Makino Milling Machine
Contour machine VA-400 1 Amada
Radial drill TRD-800C 1 Toa Kikai
Drill press KUD-550FS 2 Kiwa
Drill press KDR-410 1 Kitagawa
Five feet engine lathe TAL-460 1 Takizawa
Automatic surface grinder PSG-63DX 1 Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Automatic surface grinder PSG-64DX 1 Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Surface grinder PFG-350DX 1 Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Surface grinder OMA-350DX 1 Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Surface grinder OMA-350 2 Okamoto Machine Tool Works
Precise baby cylindrical grinder CG-140 1 Copal
Baby cylindrical grinder NG-200 1 Maruei Machine Works
Profile grinder PGX-2000S 1 Waida Works
Shearing machine NS-1235 1 Amada
110-ton press TP-110-AX 1 Amada
80-ton progress press TP-80C 1 Amada
45-ton progress press TPL-45Si 3 Amada
45-ton progress press TP-45-X 1 Amada
45-ton progress press NC1-4(1)-B 1 AIDA
45-ton press TP-45C-X2 1 Amada
35-ton progress press TP-35-X 1 Amada
25-ton press TP-25C-X2 4 Amada
25-ton press TP-25C 1 Amada
Multi-forming machine ZUB-200 1 TeijinSeiki
Multi-forming machine RF-20 1 TeijinSeiki
Condensing spot welder YG-1508CPA2 1 Matsushita Electric Industrial
Tapping machine BT1-203/BTA-501 1 Brother Industries
Tapping machine BTO-263/BTA-561 2 Brother Industries
Calking machine BR1-103 1 Brother Industries
Centrifugal drying machine 1 Tipton
Barrel finishing machine HS-R-80 2 Tipton
Barrel finishing machine HS-1-4V 1 Tipton
Barrel finishing machine TAB-54 2 TohoKoki
Barrel finishing machine FM-1 1 TohoKoki
Supersonic washing machine 1 Kuroda Gikou
Tempering furnace TBE-315 1 Tokyo Gas Denro
Profile projector V-12 4 Nikon
Profile projector PJ-H3000F 2 Mitutoyo Corporation
Profile projector PJ-311 1 Mitutoyo Corporation
Data processing device DP-301 1 Nikon
Data processing device DP-303 1 Nikon
Roundness measuring machine RA-424 1 Mitutoyo Corporation
Length measuring device with laser 1 Keyence
Rockwell hardness tester FR-3e 1 Future Tech
Surface tester SJ-201 1 Mitutoyo Corporation
Integrated load tester MAX 1KN-B 1 Japan Instrumentation System
Digital imaging and metrology system iNEXIV VMA-2520 1 Nikon
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