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Outline of the company

   Name of the company Fuji Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
   The board of directors
President and Chief Executive Officer:Sadanori Ota
Senior Managing Director:Masaru Nishimura
Director:Hiroko Ota
Date of establishment July, 1972
   Capital \10,000,000
Head Office

Okunogo 2604, Higashi-ku, Okayama, 704-8132 Japan
   Ushimado Plant Nagahama 4635, Ushimado-cho, Setouchi-shi, Okayama-ken, 701-4301 Japan
   Area Head Office:Site/1,500sqm Building/600sqm
Ushimado Plant:Site/4,800sqm Building/1,185sqm
   Scope of work Manufacturing and maintenance of precision metal dies for press machines.
Manufacturing of precise jigs for press machines.
Press and multi-forming of precise plate springs, precise parts for electrical home appliance, precise parts for cars, etc.
   Banks references Saidaiji branch, Chugoku Bank
Saidaiji branch, Tomato Bank
Saidaiji branch, Okayama Credit Depository
Oku branch, Bizen Credit Depository
   Membership Saidaiji branch, Okayama chamber of commerce and industry
Setouchi-shi chamber of commerce and industry
   Main customers TLV, Ltd.
K-MAC Co., Ltd
Nippon Injector Corp.
Minoru Industries Co., Ltd.
   Main suppliers Tajima Steel Co., Ltd.
Misumi Corporation, Ltd.
Kimura Steel Co., Ltd.
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History in brief

   May, 1970 The founder started business operation as a private works at Okunogo, Okayama.
   Jul., 1972 Fuji Manufacturing was incorporated as a private limited liability company.
   Oct., 1989 The head office factory was reconstructed to deal with business expansion.
   Dec. 1991 The company form was changed to stock company.
   Jul., 1996 An annex building was built to the head office building to expand operation.
   Mar., 2000 Ushimado Plant was newly constructed to cope with business expansion.
   May, 2000 Ushimado Plant inaugurated its operation.
   June, 2003 Suzhou Veryrich Precision Tools Co., Ltd. was opened in Taicang City, Jiangsu Priv., P. R. China.
   Nov., 2003 The quality management system of Ushimado Plant was certified to conform to ISO9001:2000 by JACO.
   Jan., 2006 Multi-forming work was started at the headquarters plant.
   June, 2007 The CAD room,the inspection room and the packing room were reinforced at Ushimado plant. Some multi-forming machines were removed from the headquarters plant to Ushimado plant.
Mar., 2009 We were accepted to be in conformity with the eco-action 21 certification and registration system (EA21 for short) which is the Japanese environment management system originated by Ministry of the Environment.
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